Investigation Underway: Vermont Police and DMV Collaborate on Ferrisburgh Tanker Fire

FERRISBURGH, Vt. – Following a perplexing situation where two Vermont agencies appeared to be at odds regarding the investigation of a natural gas tanker fire in Ferrisburgh, they have now clarified that they are jointly conducting the investigation.

The incident occurred last Thursday, when a tanker fire engulfed the area near Dakin Road, creating a massive fireball that illuminated the skies along Route 7. Seeking answers about the cause of the fire, WCAX News embarked on an inquiry, only to find conflicting statements from the Vermont State Police and the Vermont Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), each attributing the investigation to the other agency.

However, they have now reached a consensus and confirmed their joint involvement. The Vermont State Police have taken charge of investigating the fire itself, while the DMV is focusing on examining the tanker as part of their oversight responsibilities for commercial vehicles.

Preliminary findings from their collaborative efforts suggest that there was no actual explosion during the incident. Instead, the intense flames were the result of a safety mechanism incorporated into the tanker design. This mechanism is designed to release natural gas in the event of a fire, thus preventing a potential catastrophic explosion.

The investigation is ongoing, and both agencies are committed to uncovering the precise cause of the fire and ensuring a thorough examination of the incident. As they delve further into the matter, additional details are expected to emerge, shedding light on the circumstances surrounding the Ferrisburgh tanker fire.

The collaboration between the Vermont State Police and the DMV signifies a united front in their pursuit of answers and reinforces their shared commitment to public safety and the effective oversight of commercial vehicles. As the investigation progresses, the community eagerly awaits further updates regarding this significant incident.

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